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Brokedown Cadillac plays radio-ready country songs
By: Gary Schwind AXS Contributor Feb 13, 2015

One of the big accomplishments a band – especially in Los Angeles – can have is getting one of its songs on a television show or a movie. Well, Brokedown Cadillac recently achieved that when one of its songs was featured in an episode of “The Mentalist”.

It was actually not the first time the band had a song featured in a television show.
When you go to ReverbNation and listen to the band’s songs, it’s easy to see why the band has had such success with television shows. Brokedown Cadillac writes songs that are ready-made not only for popular television shows but also country-radio stations across the country.

The first song listed on the band’s ReverbNation page is “Candlelit Disaster”, a song that has a lot of the elements of a great contemporary-country song. Corri English sings about a player who perhaps moves a little too fast – and not just in his black Mustang. She goes on to sing that she’d rather sip flat champagne than encounter another dude like this one. It’s a good story and a catchy tune….(click here for more)

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